Masonry and Caulking in Philadelphia

Historical Masonry Restoration

Example of masonry restoration completed on a church in  Philadelphia

Is masonry restoration important?

Historical buildings are part of a communities past, present and future, and, are worth restoring and preserving. Preserving them promotes respect, and attaches people to their community. Masonry restoration and building preservation is of the utmost importance for not only the cultural impact it has on a community, but for practical economic reasons! Protecting your buildings against the elements by caulking, waterproofing and brick pointing reduces energy bills and costly repairs from weather damage. We are proud to serve the Greater Philadelphia area and partner with you to restore and maintain the beauty and integrity of your historical buildings!

Historical masonry restoration

Masonry Services in Philadelphia 

Brick Pointing


Window Caulking

Brownstone Full Scale Restoration

Pressure Cleaning

Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

Coping Stone Flashing

Concrete Spalling Repair

Limestone Full Scale Restoration

Lintel Replacements

Wall Flashings masonry restoration

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